The Best Antivirus for Professional and Business needs

The Best Antivirus for Professional and Business needs


Oct 16, 2014
Best Antivirus An antivirus is nothing but a security solution for a computer network. It is an indispensable part of the computer. Malware and other harmful elements are more vicious and sophisticated these days, making them difficult to track down. The increase in malware and other machine destroyers has made it essential to possess a good antivirus. Businesses and other organizations require specialized antivirus software for meeting their security needs. You cannot simply count on any home antivirus solution for protecting a full network of computers and your server. Choosing the best antivirus solution is a difficult task these days with the plethora of options available. There are many specialized solutions that offices and companies can make use of. There are many reasons why the Panda Cloud Office Protection can be the antivirus you need for your business or company. This is a specialized business antivirus software that is tried and tested. Panda Cloud Office is customer friendly technology and provides ample options and features. This software does not load a customer with unnecessary messages and warnings and is  resource-friendly. This can also be an entirely transparent agent in case it is desired by the administrator. The Collective Intelligence patent provides effective and super fast detection of any malware on a business network. Scanning technology is top notch and the cloud database is updated in real-time with new malware signatures and this is made available to users instantly for combating any infections. Panda Cloud Office Protection ensures ample safety for any computer even if it is not linked directly to any machine present on the office or corporate network. What makes Panda Cloud Office Protection distinctly superior to any other antivirus software? Apart from hunting down malware, Trojans, viruses and worms, all abnormal system behavior is detected by this helpful software. This can also monitor all connections to corporate computers and stop programs from running. Monitoring internet usage, email protection, and firewall provisions are also possible with this marvel. Panda Cloud Office Protection also provides technical and executive reports which are a storehouse of all necessary information required by a company or business house. Companies can learn about detections, licenses, and performed scans from these reports. Businesses and companies can obtain an exhaustive audit of the security system via Panda Cloud Office Protection. Tech support is provided through the Panda Security team which comprises of pro-active and skilled engineers. The support team provides speedy resolution of problems and issues and ensures seamless antivirus protection. Panda Security is dedicated to a continuous improvement in technology and its focus on innovation makes it the best fit for companies and business houses. Experts feel that Panda Cloud Office Protection is the best solution for protecting all your networked office computers and its host of features and benefits makes it the antivirus solution you  need!  

Frequently Asked Questions?

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Cybersecurity is the practice of protecting computer systems, networks, and data from digital attacks. It includes measures like firewalls, antivirus software, and encryption.

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