Audi Prologue Concept is here to Change the Future of Style and Technology

Audi Prologue Concept is here to Change the Future of Style and Technology


Jan 2, 2015
Audi Prologue concept is here to change the future of style and technology Audi has often been overlooked as a number 3 in the German luxury car segment and they are making a very strong statement by coming out with the Audi Prologue Concept. This is a sneak glance at the future because of its sleek design and the future is definitely looking bright for this German luxury car company. It is the sportiest car in the luxury segment and has a very strong and sporty look. Its length is 16.7 feet with two doors and is shorter than the current generation A8. The powerful hood is extended and it has a large and heavy presence. The model has a strong and stretched hexagonal grille and laser matrix headlamps and dug in diamond shaped air intakes at the flanks. The styling layer in the lower front, the left and right spoilers work with larger central blade which is really sporty. Visual Treat The Prologue shape starts with rear pushed, near- fastback cabin. The design comes to life with a series of delicate styling highlights and accompaniments below the belt-line. The muscular shoulders above all the four wheels are well designed and a conclave sculpting on the lower door ties into the front intakes. The black apron gives a visual connection with the front spoilers. This model of Audi has its trade mark technological capability and class claim of the brand Audi perfectly. It is a progressive and highly emotional model for the company and the model has been designed keeping in mind the clear philosophy and exact understanding of the brand. This is a signature car model for Audi. The experts have termed this model as a sport and muscular design which has all the charisma and subtleness in detailing of a true prestigious luxury coupe. Well Crafted Special care has been taken not to go overboard on design and the design needs very little reworking. The door open with the help of electromechanical touch sensor and one notice that there is no traditional wood and leather faced dashboard.  The dash is made of a thin, central three-unit touch-screen which stretches the width of the dash-board. The lighting assistance system and media controls are readily available to the driver on the right and left of the steering wheel.  There is another display which gives the media controls to the passenger. The model has an eight-speed Tiptronic transmission and Quattro permanent AWD. The 605-hp (451kW) 4.0liter TFSI V8 engine thrusts the car from 0 to 62mph (100km/h) in as little as 3.7 seconds. Good Mileage The 48-volt electrical subsystem of Audi helps the car wander around at an estimated 27.4 miles on each gallon (8.6 L/ 100 km). The torque tops out at 516lb-ft (700 Nm), but the over boost method with about 15 seconds of run time pierce the twist to 553 lb-ft (750 Nm). The interior is designed spaciously and elegantly and it offers four soft obsessed bucket seats with nubuck leather. Major Impact Audi have focussed a lot on this model called Audi Prologue Concept and it is quite visible in its design language and technologies. It is definitely going to have a major impact on the line-up of Audi.  

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