Alfa Romeo 4C supercar proves that less is more superior and fun too

Alfa Romeo 4C supercar proves that less is more superior and fun too


May 19, 2014
Alfa Romeo 4c About Alfa Romeo 4C: Alfa Romeo’s 4C is a rear wheel driven sports car that appears to be a compact, light weight and slim one. Similar to the size and dimensions of Alfa Romeo MiTo, Alfa Romeo has recently launched this striking and worth driving sport car in market. The manufacturer Alfa Romeo is renowned as a sports car brand and this time they again proved themselves to be one of the true leaders in this segment. Alfa Romeo’s 4C has taken the concept of sports car to another level. They have just not fulfilled the criteria for a technically sound sports car but Alfa Romeo has ensured to continue and inculcate the basic principles of a sports car. This mini super car can definitely catch eye balls of who so ever catches a glimpse of it. Technical Understanding: Before knowing whether Alfa Romeo 4C has driven the market for its craze, it is essential to understand the technical features of this mini super car. 1. Dimensions: With respect to the dimensions, Alfa Romeo 4C measures 157 x 82.3 x 46.6 inches including the door mirrors as well. With striking efforts of making the car compact and slim, Alfa Romeo has ensured to make it a light weighed car as well at 895 Kgs. The wheel base of 4C measures at 93.7 inches. 2. Engine: Alfa Romeo 4C comprises of a carbon fibre oriented engine at 4C cylinder. With an engine capacity of 1742 cc I4 Turbo, the Alfa Romeo 4C is equipped with a transmission of 6 Speed Dual Dry Clutch Transmission FPT C 635. 3. Aesthetics: Alfa Romeo 4C has been designed and craved ensuring a feeling of luxury and ecstasy for the driver. The concept of Alfa Romeo 4C is a two seater mini sports car. Powered with a rear wheel drive coupe technology, Alfa Romeo 4C ensures a great sports like and adventurous experience. Assembled at Modena, Italy; Alfa Romeo 4C has been exclusively designed by a renowned designer namely Lorenzo Ramaciotti at Alfa Romeo Centro Stile. 4. Other specifications: This mini sports car has been engineered and developed with great expertise, knowledge and skill. Driving at the top speed of 258 Km/h (160 mph), Alfa Romeo 4C is perfectly qualified for any sports car racing championships. The car belongs to a straight 4 type category. With respect to displacement, Alfa Romeo 4C is includes 1742 cc engine capable of 1.75 litres. With respect to power, Alfa Romeo 4C can exceed upto a speed of 6000 rpm. The initial concept of Alfa Romeo 4C was launched in the year 2011. The first look of this stupendous mini sport car was caught at 81st Geneva Motor Show and later at several other motor shows. With the passing of two years, Alfa Romeo continued with minor tweaks and updations in this car. The year 2011 awarded Alfa Romeo 4C as the Most Beautiful Concept Car of the year and Auto Bild Design Award 2011. Post that the car re-launched back in the year 2013 followed with 2014.

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