Alert!! Amazon Kindle users

Alert!! Amazon Kindle users


Mar 22, 2016
It’s now a final critical message for all Amazon Kindle users. Amazon has announced that any Kindle E-Reader should be updated by 22 March. If the update is not done the Kindle users won’t be able to connect to the Internet with the device. Also, the “critical” security update must be installed on the device if the user hopes to connect to the Internet. Without it, users won’t be able to purchase and download new books or sync the device over the Internet. However, it should be fairly easy to update the newer versions of the Kindle (Paperwhite onwards), which should get OTA (Over-The-Air) updates, if enabled. Older devices must be manually updated. And if the users have missed the deadline, manually updating your Kindle is the only option. Fret not, for the process isn’t so hard and Amazon has some very clear instructions for you. Do note that second generation Kindle devices don’t need the software update, but if the devices haven’t been connected to the Internet since 5 October 2015, they will need to connect at least once before 22 March. So Kindle users hurry and update your devices by today.

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