Abrasive Organic Herbicide Method Blasts Weeds to Death

Abrasive Organic Herbicide Method Blasts Weeds to Death


Oct 28, 2014
Abrasive Organic Herbicide Method Blasts Weeds to Death Weed blasting is gaining ground with recent developments in this business sector. Frank Forcella, a noted agronomist is fighting a brave battle with weeds using abrasive organic herbicide sprays that contain walnut shells, corncobs, plant material and corn gluten meal. He is bent on a process that blasts weeds to death instantly in an organic and eco-friendly process. This can actually be one of the path breaking developments for weed removal in the agriculture sector and might change the face of the industry. Forcella has made a revolutionary nozzle system which is mounted on a tractor in collaboration with South Dakota Condition College engineers. Organic grit is blasted out through this one of a kind weed remover through the usage of air pressurized to the tune of 100 pounds per square inch. The method has been named Powered Abrasive Grit Management by its creator Forcella and promises to provide an efficient solution for farmers and companies alike. The entire technique is best used on crops that are considered tougher than the rest. Forcella has proved that his grit blaster eliminates all possibilities of damage to corn and actually promises higher corn yields than those garnered through manual weeding mechanisms. Other researchers and enthusiasts have observed the potency of Forcella’s technique in conjunction with pepper and tomato plants. The method needs to be examined and researched thoroughly before being legitimized for commercial purposes. The use of corn gluten meal for instance, takes care of both fertilization and weed elimination. This will help farmers maximize efficiency and obtain substantially better yields. This makes for a natural and more effective method to counter crop problems as compared to chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Organic farmers have already been demonstrating their support for the process in addition to disavowing chemicals completely. His method may also find backers in the form of food and fertilizer companies who are into organic snacks and other related products. According to most scientists and researchers, Forcella’s technology does herald promise for the agricultural sector in spite of being conceived as an experiment. The entire device uses the air compressor mentioned above to spray its material on crops on both sides. This eliminates growing weeds without causing any damages to the corn or crop in question. Innovative technology like this acts as a vital tonic for the elimination of weeds and also saves time and effort in the bargain. Forcella began his experiments by mounting an air compressor on a rugged all terrain vehicle and commenced hand spraying all crop rows. The collaboration with engineers paved the way for the tractor mounted unit which can blast weeds across four rows simultaneously by making use of eight nozzles. Farmers in dire need of suitable weed control procedures may be benefited immensely by this method. Forcella’s experiment is being closely monitored by leading companies including PepsiCo and others. Alongside, global and domestic interest is widespread, leading to immense speculation about its future. Organic farmers may also be inspired to craft their own weed blasting kits at a very low price and this may well be an enduring legacy that Forcella creates for the sector.

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