2014 and Ubuntu edge- A lot of expectations!

2014 and Ubuntu edge- A lot of expectations!


Jan 18, 2014
2014 and Ubuntu- A lot of expectations

2014 and Ubuntu- A lot of expectations at CES 2014!

This week, Ubuntu edge would not be seen at the CES. Canonical, the parent company of Ubuntu raised $12.8 million for the development and building of Ubuntu Edge powered by Android and Ubuntu Linux, an amalgam of PC and smartphone but still it stopped short from fulfilling its goal of $32 million. The design vision of Ubuntu is unique. Gadget enthusiasts have the chance to enjoy a lot of opportunities that have been planned by Canonical for the year 2014 but they may not be too attractive and unique as Ubuntu Edge. In case the plans made by Canonical succeed, they will be much more than just an attractive and sexy design. At last, after Ubuntu Touch was shipped last October, the version used by Canonical for smartphones, the partners of the company will start sending and selling smartphones in some of the main markets. Verizon and T-mobile are expected to ship smartphones from Ubuntu in the US.Canonical is striving hard to gain number third position in the mobile operating system with Android and iOS claiming the number one and two positions respectively. In order to ensure that this happens, the company is depending heavily on the good looks of Ubuntu and the eye candy like the interface of Ubuntu Touch. The company is also relying on a further developed and improved software system of delivery giving developers a speedy way of delivering updates while at the same time preserving security. Instead of permission being used at installation mechanism, just like done by Android, users can take decisions on a variety of sensitive actions that may be needed at a specific time. Trusted helpers perform this task which is essentially system components. Applications from Ubuntu Touch can be accessed through directories and data of their own. For accessing generic user data, instead of granting permissions, Trusted Helpers are used by Ubuntu for granting access for requesting user data. This helps in accessing specific data to the applications that have been approved by the user instead of giving permissions to accesses the entire thing. For directly accessing a complete contact list of the user, instead of granting permission for the same, access to any contact can be requested by an application. A contact list will be displayed by the address book of the system and the user will be able to select only a particular contact that will be then sent to the application. Only that contact will be accessible by the application that was authorized by the user specifically. A right for using rusted Helpers can also be given by the user to an app for pulling data from this resource anytime in the future. The other way can be to seek permission every time information is needed. As such, Trusted Helpers are being used increasingly that helps users to chose and specify private information that is allowed to be accessed by applications.

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